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"My story, a spiritual journey testing our family physically and mentally through devastating events that appeared to have no ending. In the aftermath of tragedy, a true story of deep strength and devotion. Converging those times when our spirits are confused while seeking answers. This uplifting story will help those hurt, heartbroken and questioning their life showing them that finding your way back to a faith filled life of spirituality is only a small step away. I was impatient, bewildered and fearful during the trying times. This book is an insight into my deepest emotional distress, walking to the edge of sanity bringing me back a better person. Nearly losing both of my children in two very different circumstances broke my heart, but knowing God was with me soothed my troubled mind. Every person you meet in life is set there not by chance but by the Grace of God."


A spiritual poetry book of love and devotion to share with those feeling stressed with overwhelming life issues. It approaches those times in life when our spirits are hardened and seeking answers.  The trials and tribulations of life sometimes wear on our body, mind and spirit. This inspirational poetry is to help those hurt, heartbroken and questioning their faith find a path back to their spirituality. 

There are times when we forget our faith, impatient with God during heartbreak, and angry during times of sickness. This book is an insight to most every conceivable problem you can encounter. You can overcome any problem when your heart is set on the proper path. The cruelty in life may make you stumble, but your faith will keep you strong. Every bird that sings a tune, every sunrise that brightens your day and the smile a stranger passing you on the street are a gift often overlooked.