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The need for spirituality in your life is a must for peace and tranquility. No matter your religious beliefs, the power of positive thinking, positive messages and affirmations on a daily basis brings us closer to our inner self leading us toward a more calm existence.

There are several views on exactly what is spirituality and conceived by the mass majority. This issue much like politics is very subjective. During my four plus decades on this dear ole planet of ours I have learned there is less tolerance for people of different faiths. Their ability to have a great deal of spirituality does not subside with the lack of tolerance, and this in itself sends a positive message.

Learning throughout life while trying to find my "true spirituality" which I believe is mistaken for "religion." These are two separate issues. Some find it difficult to accept there is a great deal of difference between spirituality and religion. I do agree once you have found your religious belief you will find your spirituality flows from the values taught.

Religion is what you believe to be true and practice in your realm of life. This would include and NOT exclude, Protestant, Catholic, Non-Denominational Christianity, Wicca, Native American, Buddhism, Muslim, Jewish, and the list will continue to go on. I have studied various religions in my life trying to find myself. To have someone stands over you and pound each religion is the correct one is even untrue when I began to study the bible from cover to cover. 

I have used the Bible as my foundation to find my way in my own spirituality. The bible tells me at the end of times there will be only "one" religion as all will combine. I ponder this repeatedly. I know what I believe to be true, I know how I interpret my beliefs. This may differ from anyone else, but nonetheless this is my right as an American to do so and not be ridiculed for any of my belief. as a Christian.

The politics of religion bother me a great deal and worry my mind. According to my belief system it is summed up on one word "FAITH." Despite which religion you do believe in the common bond is faith whether you like it or not. Good or bad, right in your world or not, or wrong it is the common bond. I will not judge you, and you should not judge me. Offering the information of your beliefs to another is a step in converting or getting your meaning across. In turn if they do the same do not condemn them for doing so.

Each of us finds comfort in our spirituality the combination of mind, body and spirit at peace with itself. Those who say they are "spiritual" and refer you to their Sunday meetings at church baffles me. Do you only believe Sunday? I sure hope not, to know and practice Christianity daily.

I am not afraid to admit I am a Christian, with many beliefs and not all of them are as the doctrine of my church tells me it should be. In my bible Jesus tells me "Where two or more will gather I am there."

Whatever the religions you choose, seek, or are a part of there is no 100% surety that it is pure, and all people are pure. Why, because we are human and prone to our frailties, sins, and judgments whether we openly admit them or not. I am not perfect, you are not perfect the world is in turmoil and with that comes inner turmoil. Peace and serenity come to some, others must strive to find it.

I amended this  article as it may not  have been clear to others of my belief system.  I have stated several times that I am a Christian, and I am not sure what else should be clarified.  After reading one of my books there will  no longer  be doubts, taking the first step is reading reviews of my work. 

I have to reiterate,  tolerance, humility and compassion were taught by the master of all teachers, Jesus. To HIM and HIM only do I owe answers. Thanks for reading this and may  you be blessed  in all you do.